Differences Between Men And Women

Differences Between Men And Women


“Men are motivated when they feel needed while women are motivated when they feel cherished.”
― John Gray, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Differences Between Men And Women, well apart from the obvious of course.

God alone knows what prompted John Gray to say “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, however, he’s not alone, the case here since there are many more funny differences between men and women that have actually laid a very interesting foundation to an amazing study on this topic all around the world.

While some of those differences between men and women are subtle but yet amazing to know, some are funny to read and some are..well.. you are probably wiser and can judge better …

Differences Between Men And Women : A Few Funny Ones

Most often men start a conversation and women finish it..

There is no possibility of a woman admitting her mistake, however, the last man who admitted his mistake was the one who created women..

Women look great in hats whereas men look like ring masters in a circus show..

If you tell a woman you purchased a new car she will immediately ask you “what’s the colour of the car..??..”..Tell the same thing to a man and he will ask you “what sort it is”..

Seek an explanation from a man on any topic under the sky and he will do that, at the most, in a sentence ..And now ask a woman-“what’s the capital of your country..” you will get the reply in paragraphs..

If you are lost in a street and ask a woman to guide you somewhere,she will give you directions via shops..And if you ask a man,he will give you directions via pubs..

Cute-CoupleWhen in a group,most of the men’s conversation,in general,revolves around news, events, politics, sports, jazzy cars and latest gadgets.. Surprisingly,all the women’s conversation revolves around the foods they never prepare,the pets they never possess,the jewelry they never own,the clothes they never wear,the books they never read and finally the TV shows they unnecessarily watch..

Men use their mobile phones strictly for communication purpose ..A woman spends the whole day with a friend; comes home and talks to the same friend, over phone,for several hours..

When a man says “Hi” to every woman he comes across in a shopping complex,the rate of the response he gets will hardly be one percent..Whereas a woman says “Hi’ to every man she comes across in the same complex the rate of response she gets will definitely be hundred percent..

Many women do not need an occasion to dress up..They can dress up and go to a restaurant,to a dry cleaner’s shop,to throw out the litter,to get xerox copies and also to water the plants in rain..Whereas a man will dress up only for three occasions..to see his ex girl friend ; to a wedding ; and to a funeral..

Many women have a calender gene in them..If you ask a woman when and where did she meet her first love..She will give you a chronological description of the whole episode..She will first tell you about the date of their meeting,the color of the dress he and she wore that day and will also tell you the exact time they met…Ask a man the same question..First he tries to avoid giving a reply; later he mumbles and finally fumbles and says “excuse me “..

Differences Between Men And Women : A Few Naughty Ones

Most often,men choose their partners based on good looks, for most of the women looks Digital Art By mrmhardly matter and they choose their partners based on their social status,wealth and costly possessions..It is for this reason alone we, very often, come across beautiful women with dumbo husbands and dumbo husbands with beautiful wives..

Women definitely have a dairy gene in them but at an adorable place.. Don’t know whether men have it or not but if they have it, they definitely have it in their bums…Period

If you tell a woman you just returned from a trip to Moon,she will ask you “whom did you go with..”..Tell this to a man,he will ask you..”dude,do women wear clothes there..”

The majority of women never hesitate to disrobe, turn naked and change their clothes in the presence of other women…Men will never do that..

Most of the men’s romantic affairs end before their marriage and their girl friends’ names remain only in the passwords of their email ids..Whereas,most of the women’s affairs too may end before their marriage, however, those men will remain in their memories,for sure, for life..

Men sitting top floor can hear the sound of a beer bottle opened ground floor ..Similarly, a woman can notice if the strap of another woman’s bra comes off accidentally..

Differences Between Men And Women : A Few Sexy Ones : For Adults Only

Romantic-Couple-In-Sea-Waters-1024x576Most men prefer reading magazines and news papers that portray photos of naked ladies..Many women’s magazines too will have photos of naked ladies because the anatomy of a female body is a creative work of art and is worth admiring …However, no magazine will ever portray a naked man’s body because it’s all hairy stuff and looks like an abstract painting which only the creator understands..

All married men are fools, if not they wouldn’t have married..All married women are wise, if not they would have remained unmarried..

In their bed room, men plead for it before the act and women-after the act : while men taste success often,women almost always go dry..

Symptoms of menopause in women : Hot flushes, perspiration, dry vagina, disinterest in the act and blah blah blah..

Symptoms of menopause in men : Designer wear, snazzy French cap, coloured boots, leather driving gloves, Polo Tees, Hawaiian Shorts, aviator glasses, a french or goatee beard, boasting of great libido and finally -wears a typical smile whenever he comes across women of any age..

When there is a nude scene in a movie,a woman watches it with the same casual sense she watches an emotional scene..However,a man doesn’t watch the nude scene ; instead he tries to find out how curious his wife is about the nudity in the scene..

1 out of 2.5 men fantasises about his best friend’s wife and 1 out of 6.6 women fantasises about her husband’s best friend..

Thirty seven percent of married men in the world have extra marital affairs and twenty nine percent of women enjoy the same..

Eighty six percent of the men around the world enjoyed the first time they made love and only forty one percent of the women had pleasure the first time they made love..

A-Very-Young-And-Cute-Romantic-Couple-1024x680For most of the men around the world,the preferred home activity is sex and for most of the women,it’s spending good times with family and children..
Men around the world,on an average,know about fourteen intercourse positions and women know about nine.. Whereas forty seven percent of the men in the world wish to have sex with lights on, only seventeen percent of the women wish to enjoy it the same way..While almost all the men around the world prefer experimenting styles,women prefer to enjoy the conventional style..While men wish women take the lead,women in turn like to be explored and conquered..

There is one aspect of their married life men and women unconditionally agree : Both of them hate using condoms

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