You Got This, Babe? I Seem to Have Forgotten My Wallet

You Got This, Babe? I Seem to Have Forgotten My Wallet


When it comes to dating, having an impressive bank balance comes with certain dangers. In particular, some guys will look at you as a potential “sugar mama” who will finance their every whim. Here are the top eight signs that your boyfriend is only dating you for your money.

1.  His interest increased when he found out about your finances

If your current boyfriend was uninterested or perhaps only minimally interested at first, think about when he abruptly started to pursue you in earnest. Can that moment be easily connected with your admission that you have a great job, an impressive inheritance or a carefully nurtured savings account? If so, it’s well worth thinking about the true motivation for his sudden desire to be with you.

2.  He stopped paying for things

Some men are crafty enough to pay for things during the initial courtship before gradually reducing their financial contribution until you find yourself financing everything. If your boyfriend use to buy you dinner or offer to split the cost and yet now makes constant excuses about money then you have accidentally become his sugar mama.

3.  He has expensive tastes that he can’t finance

If your boyfriend raves about the best restaurants in town and lusts after the most expensive suits, you can find yourself paying for these things without ever meaning to do so. This problem also occurs with vacation planning, when a “romantic weekend away” quickly turns into you paying for his five star hotel room and fancy cocktails.

4. He mysteriously “forgets” his wallet on a regular basis

Don’t trust a man who always offers to pay (or contribute to the price of dates) and then dramatically apologizes for forgetting his wallet. While everyone forgets to bring money or a credit card every now and again, doing it on every date is very suspicious indeed.

5. He makes excuses about personal debt

It’s easy to fall for a charming guy who tells a sob story about financial hardship. Perhaps his evil ex-wife took him for everything he had when they divorced, or maybe his business fell through after his partner betrayed him in some way. Think about how he presents these financial woes and how they might be used to manipulate you into paying for much more than your fair share.

6. He dreams big but seems lazy

Is your boyfriend always talking about the home you’ll buy, the places you’ll go, and the amazing food you’ll eat? If so, ask yourself if he makes any moves to take responsibility for those dreams. Are you paying to make those ideas a reality while he sits on his ass watching television? If so, it’s time to start facing up to the possibility that he is mainly in this relationship because he’s too apathetic and lazy to work for his own achievements.

7.  He asks you to pick things up

Your boyfriend might find subtle ways of using you for your money. For example, he could say that he doesn’t have time to go to the store before you come over or casually ask you to collect his dry cleaning. If this type of thing is happening a lot, he may have a shrewd plan to have you pick up his financial slack.

8.  You just feel uncomfortable with him

Although intuition is not infallible, it can give you a clue that something is ‘off’ about a relationship. If you just feel your boyfriend is insincere or manipulative and can’t quite put your finger on why, your sugar mama status may hold the answers.